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"Self-Portrait as Mixed Tape and Standard Deviation," "How to Be Where You Already Are" Diode
"How to Operate Heavy Machinery" Sixth Finch
"Weapons of Probable Destruction" American Journal of Poetry
"Delivery By MouthWashington Square Review
"The Igneous HoursRHINO Poetry
"S.O.S." "The Bridge Between Us" "The January of Having Everything" Jet Fuel Review
"Respice Finem" Bear Review
"Sweet Boy" American Journal of Poetry
"Object Permanence with a Line from Rimbaud" Ploughshares, Winter 2020-2021
"Someday I'll Forgive Lara Egger" Conduit Magazine, No. 32
"Another Version of My Confession" New Ohio Review, Issue 23
"If You're Anything Like Me" Ninth Letter, Volume 17, Number 1
"Mutual Disambiguation" The Laurel Review, Volume 53, Issue 1
"How to Love Everyone and Almost Get Away with It" Free State Review, Issue 11
"Because There's No Emoji for Memory" Salt Hill, Issue 41
"In Our Garden of Eden" The Florida Review, Volume 42, Number 2
"The Lovemaking Habits of Icebergs" The Pinch, Volume 39 Issue 1
"The Mondegreen" Grist, Issue 13


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